Stone & Water Sculpture

As artists we feel the combination of stone and water is a reflection of the beauty and simplicity of the natural world. The experience of water and stone, and the sound of moving water create peace and harmony in any setting.

Our stone sculptures come from the art form known as direct carving-that is we work directly with the stone instead of models. In this way we listen, and the stone itself tells us what to do. As we begin the process of awakening the stone the grain, the color, the consistency,
all begin to tell a story to us.

Each sculpture, fountain or water feature is then individually hand carved, one of a kind – from granite, marble, serpentine, California jade, quartzite, and basalt, to name a few. The primary objective is to bring out the particular beauty of that specific stone with the carving and also with the water. Some of our sculptures are carved for elegance and beauty. Some are carved for specific situations in a wide variety of environments.

Cherie Christiansen and Franz Arner have been carving stone for thirty years. Their pieces have been commissioned for a wide range of residential and commercial settings. These include many private collections world wide, water sculptures for wineries in the California Wine Country, several hotels, a baptismal water sculpture for an Episcopal Church in San Francisco, and a tsukabai for a Japanese Tea Garden. They are currently working on commissions for both commercial and residential settings.

Eyes of the River

Green Tara

Line of Grace

Singing Goddess

Singing Lotus

Song of the Elements

Mountain Mirror

Heaven and Earth

The Sky Below