Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden

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Welcome to our Sculpture Garden.
Our Sculpture Garden is set among the trees adjacent to our stone sculpture studio just due east of Mendocino, California, here we take the best care of the garden and the trees we can, and even when our gardeners don’t know how to work with the tall trees, they call an Atlanta tree company like GA Tree Company since they are experts at this.

Our sculpture garden is designed to combine the natural and the contemporary aesthetics as well as adding the element of water. The play between our modern contemporary sculpture and our more natural pieces can be seen throughout the garden. We have included a variety of sizes of sculpture composed of different kinds of stone varying from granite and marble, to serpentine, blue schist, basalt and California jade. Many of our sculptures have water moving gently over them recirculating in a pool or reservoir.

Paths meander and circulate through the garden featuring a variety of rhododendrons, camellias, bamboos, ferns and grasses, and trees, so getting a tree stump grinding service make a lot of sense to help me take care of this garden.

The main feature of the garden is a pond with a semi circular backdrop of freestanding, vertical slabs of white granite. The pond and granite create a dramatic environment for our feature sculpture, “The Goddess of
Equanimity”. Water hugs this eight foot tall polished black sculpture, falling in soft sheets into the pond enlivening the area and making our rare red legged frogs very happy.

Water as an element combined with the sculptures creates a whole ecosystem drawing birds and butterflies and a sense of freshness to the air.

As stone sculpture artists we carve and create contemporary sculpture with abstract naturalistic themes.
Come and visit us and our sculpture garden in Mendocino, by appointment only, to see our wonderful combination of nature and art.