Featured Commissions and Installed Sculptures:


1. “Serpentine Flow”, Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, Calif.
2. “The Three of Us” Grace Family Vineyard, St. Helena, California
3. “ Wilson’s Granite”, Wilson Legal Center, Oakland, Ca.
4. ”Baptismal Font” St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco, Ca.
5. “Heaven & Earth” Stockton Dental Group, Stockton, Ca.
6. “In the Eye of the Beholder”, Stanford Inn, Mendocino, Calif.
7. “Serpentine Spring”, Century 21, Mendocino, Ca.
8. “Shozo Sato Tea Garden”, Fort Bragg, Ca.
9. Private Collection “Phaestos I”, Naples, Florida
10. Private Collection“Singing Goddess” and “Beneath the Surface” Palos Verdes, California
11. “ Offerings” private collection Mendocino, Ca.
12.”Reflection” Napier Collection, Kentfield, Ca.
13. Private Collection, “The Muse”, Tiburon, Calif.
14. “Rosenburg Sculpture”, Piedmont, Calif.
15. “The Sky Below” Kentfield, Ca.
16.”Milstead’s Granite” Orinda, Calif.
17. Private collection ”River Spirit”, Los Altos, Calif.
18. “Stone Sukabai” Binder Collection, Orinda, Calif.
19.”Openings” Private Collection, Walnut Creek, Ca.
20. “Line of Grace” Private Collection, Walnut Creek, CA.
21. “Kamalari” Private Collection, Woodside, Ca.
22. “Confluence” Private Collection, Mendocino, Calif.
23. “Mountain Mirror” Stinson Beach, Calif.
24. “Phaestos II”, Paso Robles, Calif.
25. “Moving On” Private Collection, New York, New York
26. Private Collection” Eyes of The River”, Mendocino, Ca.
27. “Cloud Mountain” Private Collection, Little River, Calif.
28.”The Bow” Private Collection, New Jersey
29. “Green Spring” Private Collection, Atherton, Calif
30. “Mountain Spring” Private Collection, Sausalito, Calif.
31. “Song of the Mountain” Private Collection, San Francisco, Calif.
32. “Green Tara”, Private Collection, Mendocino, Ca.
33. “Black Spring”, Private Collection, Menlo Park, Ca.
34. “Greek Urn” , Private Collection, St. Helena, Ca
35. “The Meeting Place”, Private Collection, Los Gatos, Ca.
36. “Wellspsring”, Private Collection, Los Altos, Ca.
37. “ Green Ripple”, Private Collection, Orinda
38. ‘Sun and Moon”, Private Collection, San Francisco, CA
39. “Reflecting Moon”, Private Collection, Sonoma, Ca.
40. “The Fan”, private Collection, Napa, Ca.
41. “Song of the Elements” San Francisco, CA.
42. Wave House Sculpture “Sentinel” Caspar, CA.


Mill Valley Sculpture Garden, Mill Valley, Calif. **
Zimmer Gallery, Mendocino, Calif **
New Leaf Gallery, Berkeley, CA. **
Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, CA. **
Marcia Burke Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA **
Partners Gallery, Little River, Ca **
SOFA Show, Chicago, Ill. **
Bill Henry Gallery, Millwaukee, WI.
Glass Fire Gallery, Fort Bragg, Ca
The Magic Planter, Sausalito & San Francisco, Ca.**
Artscape Gallery, Walnut Creek, Ca.**
Mantanzas Creek Winery, Santa Rosa, Ca.**
Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, Ca. **
Solomen Dubnick Gallery, Sacramento, Ca. **
Impressions Garden Galleria, Orinda, CA.

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