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Contemporary Sculpture

We are Stone Sculpture Artists that combine a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of stone with an aesthetic that is considered to be contemporary sculpture.

Often we are asked to create sculptures for site specific spaces. These sites range from places in the landscape outdoors, to entry ways, to interior places in the home or work place. Often with site specific pieces we have designed the space surrounding the sculpture.

Choosing the right stone is a process that includes trips to quarries and stone yards. The stone is chosen for size and scale, color, the ability to be carved, as well as many other design factors and considerations. Any stone sculptor will acknowledge that the stone itself guides the sculptor in the way to carve that particular stone. Our Stone Water Sculpture is a form of abstract art.

Viewing our sculpture allows one to become involved in a personal way, using all the senses to enjoy, internalize and appreciate the art. These sculptures speak directly to the heart. Because they are a combination of abstract and natural forms they create a unique, one of a kind sculptural piece of art.

Moon Phase
Moon Phases
Black Granite Water Sculpture
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Water sculptures that are installed on a patio, deck, entry way, or indoor space are often placed in a bronze or copper reservoir containing a hidden pump to recirculate the water moving over the sculpture. These water sculptures have water hugging the stone. The copper or bronze reservoirs add to the aesthetic of contemporary sculpture. The element of metal with its clean lines is a beautiful juxtaposition to the abstract stone water sculpture.

With our particular awareness as Stone Sculpture Artists we often combine water with stone to create a living art form. The movement, sound, and light create a sculpture that is constantly changing. The combination of water and stone is ancient and beautiful. A whole environment is created by the water moving over the stone, drawing birds, butterflies and beautiful sound.

Some of our sculptures approach monumental scale, weighing tens of thousands of pounds. These larger pieces are often installed with cranes and usually require concrete footings and engineering.

We have installed our sculptures in a broad spectrum of different settings-churches, hotels, spas, wineries, and many business settings, as well as homes. For example, we have installed our pieces at The Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California, The Grace Family Vineyards in St. Helena, California, and the SOFA show in Chicago. Our sculptures have also been shown in many art galleries.

Stone Sculpture Artists

We use all the tools of the stone carving art. The sculpting is all done only by the two of us. Our tools range from hand held hammers and small hand chisels with carbide tips, to a wide range of pneumatic tools. We also employ many different kinds of grinding wheels, diamond saws and wire saws. And, we always end with diamond polishing pads and different grits of wet and dry sand paper used by hand.

As stone sculpture artists we are asked to consult on various projects in both commercial and residential settings. Locating our sculptures in a design that enhances the existing landscape, architecture, and environment has been one of our strong points. Thirty years of Landscape Design experience with projects noted in Architectural Digest, has allowed us to take on projects involving thousands of tons of stone. These large scale water features and landscapes are forms of contemporary sculpture.

Each of our sculptures is completely different from any other sculpture, resulting in a finished piece that is totally unique and one of a kind. We choose to approach sculpture as a living art form and not from a manufacturing viewpoint. Our pieces are original works of contemporary sculpture.

As well as beautiful works of art, our sculptures create healing spaces in that they transform environments creating
peace and harmony in any setting.

Our newly installed sculpture garden adjacent to our sculpture studio in Mendocino, California offers a personal view into our art and our landscape design. Come and visit us where nature and art combine to create a stunning display of beauty.

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